Sunday, June 22, 2008

Prague, Ostrava, Frydek Mistek, Czech Republic

I am once again asking my three readers to look into their knowledge banks and come up with some wonderful places/things to see on vacation.

The next trip will be to Prague, Czech Republic. Don't ask why, just accept that I go on some pretty cool adventures.We will spend five days in Prague, take the train to Ostrava and then onto Frydek/Mistek for a couple of days in the small town environment.

I already have my trusty Rick Steve's guide. What a cool job that he has! What I am looking for from you, my trusty reader(s) is insight into the real thing. I will, of course, hit the big tourist traps, but what about that little out of the way restaurant with the best espresso you have ever tasted? Perhaps it is an art gallery, or theatre you just fell in love with? I want to know. To help inspire you I will add some pictures which JJ has already taken in Ostrava and surrounding areas.


Jean said...

wow...wish I could help you here.
My mother was born in Czechoslovakia. Came to the US at the age of 5 but remembered much.

Anonymous said...

... have a great trip.... we're off to Alsace in September.....

Anonymous said...

I am in Frydek Mistek right now. Reading this way did you like it?

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