Thursday, February 7, 2008

In a Different World I Loved You, Scene 4/5

Scene Four: Two young boys are seen delivering newspapers at dawn they are throwing newspapers offstage playing and laughing with each other. Luis is seen entering putting on a monks robes.

Jose: Don't run so fast, I can't keep up.

Pablo: If we hurry I'll have time to meet Mary before Church. She has the prettiest eyes in all the world. I've almost saved up enough to get her a rosary for Christmas.

Jose: Mary Shamary! I want one of those bikes with big baskets in front and back. A red one. We could deliver papers just like (tries to snap fingers) that, with my new bike.

Pablo: We can deliver papers just like (mimics Jose snapping) by walking.

Jose: You know, real fast. (pause) Give you more time to look at Mary before Mass. I don't understand you. Are you ever going to talk to her?

Pablo: As soon as I save up enough money for that rosary. Now, lets get going. (Luis places himself in front of boys, causing Pablo to run into him and fall down) I'm sorry. Oh, hello Padre'. (boys begin picking up dropped papers) Will you be coming back to the school again this week?

Luis: I'm afraid not. What are the two of you doing out this early? Oh, I see, delivering the daily news are you? Would you do me a little favor? I have a few things in my room that need delivered to Ms. Mendex at the school Monday morning and was hoping you could be my delivery boy, or boys. I'm afraid I will be leaving town for a few days and will be unable to deliver them myself.

Jose: We deliver papers, sure, why not?

Luis: Are you sure your mother won't miss you if you're a few minutes late? I just live over the butcher shop down the road. Do you see it? Go up the stairs and knock on my door. I'll have the letter ready in a few minutes.

Pablo: Sure, we'll finish with these and stop there on our way home. Glad to be in the service of God, Padre'.

Pablo and Jose exit still throwing papers off stage as Luis watches them leave.

Scene five: Luis enters his apartment above the butcher shop. Margaret is standing beside the coffee pot watching it brew. She is dressed in a nurses uniform. She is humming to herself Luis enters throwing Monk's robes and walks toward Margaret.

Margaret: Oh, good morning darling. (they hug, she kisses Luis on cheek) How was the audition?

Luis: Well, there were three men and one woman (kisses her) all sitting behind the longest table ever known to man and after my monologue they all just stared at me as if they didn't even see me. I really thought I'd blown it when the woman suddenly comes to life and says: (imitating a woman's voice) "Do you think, Mr. Vi, that you could kill someone with a smile on your face? We're looking for someone who can lose his mind without losing control." Do you know what I told her?

Margaret: (playing with his hair) That you lost your mind when you were a little boy and have been looking for it ever since?

Luis: No, not exactly. What I told her was that I could do it, if it meant that I could get the woman of my dreams to finally agree to marry me and live happily ever after.

Margaret: Well, I hope you're audition was better than that line. (they hug) How long will you be gone if you get this job?

Luis: You didn't let me finish. So, then she handed me another monologue, really strange stuff. When I was finished and looked up all four of them, all four, were smiling so much I thought I was watching a toothpaste commercial.

Margaret: How long?

Luis: The shoot is supposed to be in Ecuador with a two-week schedule. I think they start shooting around the first ofthe month. So, if things go well, I should be home in plenty of time for Christmas.

Margaret: Then can we, you know, find someplace better to live with the New Year? (a more passionate kiss) I know you're attached to this little room, but I can hardly stand the smell anymore.
Luis: Yes, my dear, I was out looking just the other day. That "smell" is all your imagination. I'm telling you things are really looking up. Did John, from down stairs, ever pick up those rolls of plastic?

Margaret: Not unless he did it while I wasn't here. I think they're still in the hall closet. Why can't he store that junk in the shop? Sometimes I feel like I live in a butcher shop, not above one.

Luis: I promise, as soon as I get a few more jobs we are out of here. Don't you believe in me?

Margaret: Now (kissing him again) I really must go before I'm late for work. (Pours coffee into large cup with lid and begins to exit with a smile on her face. At the door she pauses and looks back at Luis) Have a wonderful day darling. I really do love you.

Luis: Off to work now, before you're late. I'll fix something special for dinner tonight. How does that sound? A pre-celebration feast.

Margaret: Pre-celebration?

Luis: I have a feeling I am on the fast track to stardom. One way or another. Get, you still need that job for a few more weeks.

Margaret: See you at dinner. (she closes the door and exits)

(Luis bolts the door and runs to the closet. When he returns he begins spreading sheets of plastic on the living room floor. All this time he is talking to himself)
Luis: Yes, darling. I know darling. Sure thing darling. As soon as you're rich I'll marry you. (Lifts couch and shoves end of plastic under when he stands something about his face has changed) Bad boy. Never do anything right. Don't make a mess on my floor. teach you to make a mess. (goes into kitchen area, rummaging through drawers) Two plus two is four, that's what God is for. (taking our several cutting and slicing devices and placing them on the counter.) Give me that, what do you think you're doing? Bad boy, very bad boy. Two plus two is four, that's what God is for. (taking knives into living area) Late, not good to be late, people get angry when little boys are late. (shoves knives under couch and sits down, beginning to rock) Can't do this anymore... two plus two is four, that's what God is for. Two plus two is four, that's what God is for.

A door slams offstage and we hear foot steps coming up the stairs. Luis gets up and searches for his robes. Finally finds them and frantically puts them on.
Luis: Two plus two is four, that's what God is for. Steady, nothing to worry about. Just a couple of little boys. Two little boys, just like the others.

The sound of the boys coming upstairs stops and we hear them giggle and wrestle for a moment.

Jose: Hey, stop that, give it back, it's mine. If you don't I'll tell Mary you're in love with her.
Luis jerks open door with a smile on his face.

Luis: Are you being bad little boys? Come in, I'll be ready for you in just a moment.

Fade to Black.

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