Sunday, February 3, 2008

Road Trip!

We had to go somewhere, ol' brother of mine and I....................the timing was perfect: no kids, no money, no time....perfect for a spur of the moment road trip! Brings back memories of days gone by when we were all younger, just do it, go, life is too short, live everything to its fullest, get in the car and go baby, not a care in the world.

Where to go? We wanted someplace with history, old buildings, time honored traditions, something we could really sink our teeth into......many destinations were discussed and tossed, we needed something close, not too close, most of all we wanted history......Burnsville, North Carolina, where else? This little town holds some of our fondest memories of childhood.

Burnsville is where we learned about family, unconditional love, the power of laughter and so much more. Honestly, this is one of the first places I ever remember feeling truly safe, sheltered and wholly alive in a manner that can not truly be described and must be felt to be honored. There was a purity to our visits with family there, as if they said "This is life, it may not be a story book but, we, we are going to live it, we are going to cherish every passing moment, the hard work will be done and the laughter will always continue."

So we went. Threw some essentials into the back pack and left.

Yes, Hong Kong Dou Dou is an essential!

My favorite part about the spur of the moment road trip has to be the many unintended or unforeseen benefits that come from such adventures. When you have an idea of what is ahead and can still remain open to whatever may come, no matter what that may be:

Even if what may come just happens to be bears and boots, you just have to open your eyes to the possibilities and truly see. I had to be quick and stealthy with the camera at this gas station, for I had the feeling, the inner awareness, that the proprietors would not have appreciated my taking pictures, while giggling uncontrollably, of what, I can only assume, was something that just never struck them as strange or funny. Bears and boots my friends a nice combination if I have ever seen one, especially at a gas station!

So this next picture should come as no surprise to anyone, here is the art hanging on the ladies room wall:
I really wanted to see what was in the mens bathroom after taking this picture............the door was locked and I did not have the key.....leave it to your imagination.

More later, now I am tired.

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love the pix! and speaking of road trips...

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