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In a Different World I Loved You, Scene 8/9

Here is where it truly starts to fall apart...So, constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged at this point, please.

Scene eight: Same set as in scene six. Luis stays in his cell to watch the action. Boy's Choir is heard again singing before lights come up music fades as conversation begins. Angela is sitting across the desk from Gomez.

Alfonzo: You're telling me that Luis is crazy and yet refuses to plea insanity?

Angela: That's about the extent of it.

Alfonzo: And you want me to ask the court to find him insane against his wishes?

Angela: Exactly, there's precedence.

Alfonzo: So, with my help, you want to put him in some place where he can get out and do this again?

Angela: We both know you don't have enough evidence for the death penalty, or even a certain conviction. We go to trial he could be found innocent. Think about it. At Tippling they could help him. Give him the therapy he needs. Keep him away from society for a long time maybe forever.

In the cell we see Pedro enter and sit across the table from Luis. They begin a silent conversation. The solo pianist is again heard quietly in the background.

Alfonzo: As far as I'm concerned he's responsible for her death. Your client is now the prime suspect in the disappearance or murder of 114 children over the last five years. He confesses to 140 killings. I'm not going to help you set him free.

Angela: He wasn't even in the country when several of those children disappeared.

Alfonzo: You're telling me he didn't do it?

Angela: What I'm telling you is that he couldn't have killed all those children. (Pause) You started your investigation believing several people were involved. A cult of some kind. You're not going to hang all this on my client.

Pedro hands Luis a small package that Luis hides under his shirt.

Alfonzo: Hanging's too good for the likes of him.

Angela: You can't be certain he's guilty.

Alfonzo: I can't?

Angela: Just hear me out. When the boy in Tunja was killed Luis was in Quito, Ecuador. Three of the disappearances and murders in Villavicencio happened when I have documented proof that Luis was in Pasto, working. None of the 27 bodies found in Valle de Cauca have been definitively, forensically, linked to my client. In fact you had no confession from him on those cases until Gomez asked him about them.

Alfonzo: Angela.

Angela: Here, this is for you. It's a timeline I'm working on. I'll tell you one thing, he did not kill all of those children! Please, as a favor, look into it.

Alfonzo: The task force has been disbanded. As far as we were concerned it was a clean confession, why would he lie?

Angela: Your guess is as good as mine. I'm trying to get through to him. Look, there is no doubt he killed many, possibly most, of these children but not all. Don't you see? If he didn't kill them someone else did.

Alfonzo: O.K., I'll get Gomez to look into Velle de Cauca and Villavincencio some more. You still need to understand he is guilty and dangerous. This is a game to him.

Angela: The time for games is over. Have your Doctors talk to him, see whether they thing he's sane enough to stand trial.

Alfonzo: You're asking a lot.

Angela: It's important.

Lights slowly fade as a voice of a child is heard reciting the following:
Two plus One is Three. Nothing in life is free.
Two plus Two is Four. That's what God is for.
Two plus Three is Five. No one gets out alive.
Two plus Four is six. Nothing He can't fix.

Scene Nine:
Set from cell again. This time Luis is lying on the table as if it were his bed. Lights instantly come up as Luis bolts up from a nightmare and screams.

Two plus One is Three. Nothing in life is free.
Two plus Tow is Four. That's what God is for.
Two plus Three is Five. No one gets out alive.
Two plus Four is six. Nothing He can't fix.
Two plus Five is Seven. Bad boys don't go to heaven.
I know the rest. Two plus Six is Eight. . .

(Pause) Almost done. Come on,

Maria: (Entering) Anything I can help you with little brother?

Luis: (looking around and not seeing Maria) Who's that? Where are you? (Pause) Maria?

Maria: Did you have a bad dream?

Luis: Help me!

Maria: With what little man?

Luis: Heaven, what comes after heaven?

Maria: Two plus six is eight. . .

Luis: Hurry don't be late!

Maria: Yes, yes, don't make us wait.

Luis: No, no, never.

Maria: Why did you do it Luis? Why did you hurt my boys?

Luis: Made you stop. I win this way. (Laugh) I got more than you did! I win! (Laugh)

Maria: You cheated! Cheaters never will! Brother will punish you!

Luis: Don't you see? The game is over and I won. I couldn't let you win, I couldn't let you hurt any more, no not you.

Maria: You broke the rules! Rules are important, brother said so, we are nothing without rules.

Luis: I don't believe in the rules any more Maria. When you don't believe anything is possible.

Maria: You're alone now, you cheater!

Luis: I win, you loose, now get out!

Maria: (slowly backs off stage while repeating this line) Two plus Seven is Nine. Two plus Seven is Nine. Two plus Seven is Nine. (Laughs as she gets off stage.)

Luis: Wait, I'm not finished with you. Maria!

Fast to Black

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