Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dreaming, dream, dream, dream!

Dear Santa,

I have been reasonably good practically all year!

I would love a built in dishwasher. Installation would be nice as well, I become easily confused. Could whoever installs it please fix the floor under the dishwasher that I have recently discovered is weak from the flood of water that currently comes out of the old dishwasher? Could you try and make certain that whoever installs the dishwasher and fixes the floor has a nice personality?

That is all I really want.

The kids have been good and, with more than a little help from friends & family, will have some really cool stuff under the tree.



1 comment:

MissE said...

MErry Christmas, Michelle.

Hope Santa comes through with the dishwasher plus installation.

Also, hope the photos arrive.

Hang in there with the quitting - it took my Dad at least three major attempts to quit. It is worth it, I'm sure - for you and for your kids.
Try not to kill anyone in the meantime.

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Show in June 2007
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