Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Morning Blues

After arriving home yesterday morning here is a list of things that I did:

Scowl at ol brother of mine for keeping a messy house.....I had actually anticipated it looking a lot more "manly" and was pleasantly surprised to see only a few dishes in the sink, clothes (clean) on the kitchen table, shelves in need of dusting and floors in need of attention. Not bad at all, really, but I still had to give him the scowl, least he think I had changed totally over the past 12 days!

Begin the cleaning process with ole brother of mine.

Pick up the munchkins. They were full of questions about Hong Kong & our adventures. What kind of food did you eat? Did you buy us all kinds of cheap electronics? Where was the hotel? I don't know what else they asked me in the I was beginning to see double of everything on the road, having only little naps over the past 30 hours or so in transit, and wanting a cigarette badly.

Arrive back at home & passing out gifts (which they all loved - finally got it right) to begin the march of the drill sergeant: You clean that bathroom, you sweep the front porch, you fix the electric fence, you sweep & mop, you get out the most of this was done in an hour or so, helps to have so many of them at times.

Then off to a late lunch/early dinner............and where do they choose to dine? Only one real choice Hong Kong, this is a local buffet restaurant with some really nice eats among the rather boring. The daughter wanted me to show her my new talent with the chop sticks, challenged me to eat jello which I accomplished with great flare.

Stop at Home Depot to pick up a new electric fence thingie.

Back home so that they could fight over the computers................lay down on couch for just a second................MOM, wake up, we are going to be late!

Take the eldest to their fathers, return home to help the youngest finish up with the fence, OK, so I just stood there and watched him for a few minutes, making a suggestion or two.

Unpack & do some laundry, I can't stand too much clutter, my house is way too small.

At about 7:30 I found myself on the couch again with the youngest........dozing off. To bed for me.

Now I am ready to return to work..................I can only imagine what awaits me there, as I am not allowed to scowl at the boss for the mess he leaves while I am gone.

I hope to have the pictures from JJ in the next few days and then I will begin to tell you all about our many little adventures.

SMOKING UPDATE: The neighbor boy just called to ask for a cigarette....I gave him the pack that I purchased at the airport in Korea & informed him that his supply from me was officially over.

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