Monday, December 10, 2007


There just are not any today, or yesterday, just a blank, posted the dribble of an entirely boring event yesterday, considered the same for today with little luck or true desire. There are some points in life where reflection is best done with pen and paper, now, I believe, may be one of those times. The reassurance of seeing the insanity or, for that matter, clarity, smoothly written in ink allows for a certain amount of reflection that is not easily obtained via any other avenue. Where is this all leading? Time well spent in quiet reflection, a sorting out of the images, impressions, thoughts, feelings, interpretations, losses, gains and current position within the universe without fear, within self. Finding the differences of perception and reality, and boldly stepping into those differences, that different world, that we all face each day a new, that will be the goal of the day, has to be, else face reality from a skewed position.

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