Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In a Different World, I loved You, Scene 3

Scene Three: The set from scene one is now in full view with space left downstage for actors to stand. Luis has stayed on stage during the scene change. Pedro enters the cell with Luis and sits. There is no music or sound of any kind for 60 seconds after they sit down. They just stare at each other.

Luis: Where is she?

Pedro: Shouldn't I be the one asking the questions?

Luis: No, asshole, I'm the one asking you a question. Where is she? (begins rocking)

Pedro: My name is Pedro B_________. Call me Pedro if you like.

Luis: Two plus two is four. That's what God is for.

Pedro: May I call you Luis? Or, do you prefer Mr. Vi?

Luis: I go by many names. One is just as good as another.

Pedro: What do your friends call you?

Luis: (Stops rocking) You are not my friend.

Pedro: No, I suppose I'm not.

Luis: Why isn't she here yet? I'm not talking without my lawyer present.

Pedro: That's fine. Angela is running late. Nothing to be concerned about. (Pause) I can help you. Nothing you tell me will harm your case.

Luis: Nothing I tell you will harm my case? That's just wonderful! I'm not going to tell you anything.

Pedro: How old are you?

Luis: Older than my years.

Pedro: Where were you born?

Luis: I was very young. (laugh) I don't remember. (laugh)

Pedro: Mothers name?

Luis: Stupid question.

Pedro: Standard question.

Luis: She's dead.

Pedro stands as Angela enters the room. At exactly the time she enters a solo pianist is heard playing quietly in the background.

Angela: Sorry I'm late. (Shakes hands with Pedro and sits across the table from Luis)

Luis: What are you doing?

Angela: (without looking up) I have some paperwork here for Pedro to sign and a list of questions for you. Why?

Luis: Why? I asked you what you were doing and you answer me with questions. (laughs) You Are Late. (laughs)

Pedro: I was just beginning to ask Luis some of the background questions we discussed on the phone.

Luis: Are you two in love.

Angela: We are business associates. Now, we have a lot of ground to cover in very little time.

Luis: Would you like me to tell you a story?
Pedro: What kind of story Luis?

Luis: I think you'll like this one Quack. Very short and to the point. Let's say it will let you get to know me better.

Pedro: What's the story about?

Luis: A little boy and the end of the world.

Angela: What's the boys' name?

Luis: The details aren't important. Just listen. You can close your eyes if you want. (laugh) Once Upon A Time. In a land not so far away there lived a little boy with his loving family. (Luis walks downstage while Brother and Mother enter from opposite sides of the stage)

Mother: What is wrong with him?

Brother: (walks to and hugs Mother) Nothing to worry about. He'll be fine. Just fine.

Mother: Fine? He's bleeding. He's just a little boy.

Brother: He is fifteen. He was late.

Mother: Where is Pablo?

Brother: They were late.

Mother: Pablo?

Brother: We sent him to playa game with the other boys.

Mother: Luis, are you OK?

Brother: He is fine, we played a game, he was late.

Mother: That's no reason to . . .

Brother: To what mother? To punish him?

Mother: Punish? No, that is not punishment. (pointing to Luis who is sitting on the floor rocking)

Brother: He'll be fine. And, he'll remember to be on time from now on. Won't you little brother? (Luis nods) If you're late someone has to pay the price. Simple as that.

Mother: Look! There's too much blood. These need stitches, do some of these need stitches? (Sits down with Luis and begins to rock him like a small child)

Brother: You baby him too much. He'll be fine.

Luis: Brother's games hurt.

Mother: Sssssshhhhhhh. Mother is here now.

Luis: Mother's not always here.

Mother: Mother has to work.

Brother: That's right, Mother isn't always here.

Luis: Well maybe that wasn't the end of the world, not really. (Stands as Mother and Brother exit) I was never late after that. I learned my lesson. brother should have learned his lesson too. The end of the game. That's another story. Game, set and match, no more game. When Mother found out, well, she didn't know what to do. But, as I've aid, that is another story. (Sits in his chair) So, what shall we talk about?

Pedro: How did your mother die?

Luis: Killed her self.

Pedro: Brother, where is he now?

Luis: Stupid question.

Pedro: What do you do for a living Luis?

Luis: I'm an actor. (Music stops) Going to be famous one day, a household name.

Fast blackout for scene end.


Jean said...

I can't seem to come up with anything more profound than 'WOW'.
Where does this come from? A dream? Nightmare? Neighborhood gossip?

Chillingly fascinating.

Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

Yes, riveting..I am hanging on every word...

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