Saturday, January 19, 2008

In a Different World, I loved You

Scene One: The sound of a boy's choir should be the first thing the audience senses as the play begins. This music will slowly get louder until it becomes distorted to the point that is no longer resembles music. When the lights come up Luis is sitting on a chair in a sparsely furnished room with no windows. This set should be placed on wheels so that the room can be pushed up stage while other action is happening down stage. We see him fidget and pace for a few seconds before Angela enters.

Angela: Good morning. My name is Angela Gonzalez (holds her hand out for Luis to shake) I'm your court appointed attorney. (pause) And you are Luis Vi? (Luis stares at her) Are they feeding you well enough? Is there anything I can get for you? (pause) Do you know why you're here?

Luis: Do you know why I'm here? Do I know why I'm here? (Rocking back and forth as if holding a small child) Are they feeding you well enough? (Smacks his forehead) Well enough?

Angela: (She mimes as if talking to a small child) I'm here to help you.

Luis: Don't patronize me. (stops rocking)

Angela: I'm sorry. (pause) How old are you Mr. Vi? May I call you Luis?

Luis: Will you stop with the questions? (Begins to rock again) Questions, questions, questions.

Angela: I'll make a deal with you. Answer one question for me and I'll ask no more today. Simple enough. Do you agree? (Luis nods his head) Do you know why you're here?

Luis: Do I know why I'm here?

Angela: Well, do you?

Luis: I'm frightened. (pause) When I get frightened people get hurt. Two plus two is four, that's what God is for. I know that one. Do you remember that one? (Laughs) My turn to ask the questions. (laughs)

Angela: Do you know why you're here?

Luis: Two plus two is four, that's what God is for. I can never remember the rest. Tell me how it ends.

Angela: How it ends?

Luis: What comes next? After God? I can't remember.

Angela: Do you know why you are here?

Luis: Yes.

Angela: Will you tell me? Why are you here?

Luis: Because men with hats and guns and those, what do you call them? Those black stick looking things, they hang on their belts. I don't know how, but they do, they hang there until someone needs a good bashing. That's what they call it "A good bashing."

Angela: A billy club?

Luis: Yes, a billy club. You win the prize! I'm afraid I don't have much to offer you. Limited funds and all. (Pause) O.K., so, they brought me in here. Lovely room, don't you think? Well, it may not be up to your standards but, compared to the rest of this hotel, this room is lovely, simple and lovely. Like you.

Angela: Not this room, this is a jail. Do you know why you're in jail? (packing up the contents of her briefcase) I'm not a therapist. (Luis begins rocking and humming again) I don't think I can help you. You need a psychiatrist not a lawyer.

Luis: Lawyers get psychiatrists.

Angela: (Stops packing and stares at Luis) I sent one. You refused to talk to him.

Luis: I like talking to you. Your psychiatrist is a quack.

Angela: Quack?

Luis: I like talking to you.

Angela: That is not the point. I am a lawyer not a psychiatrist. (Stares at Luis) You do know. Don't you? Why you're in jail.

Luis: Yes.

Angela: Tell me about it.

Luis: You're not a therapist.

Angela: No, I think we agree on that much, I'm not a therapist. (pause) I am, however, your lawyer and if I'm to come up with a defense for you I need to know what happened.

Luis: What are the charges?

Angela: You know what the charges are. (pause as they stare at each other) Why am I wasting my time?

Luis: You have something better to do?

Angela: I'm not sure. I mean, I do have other things to do. Will you talk to the psychiatrist if I send him back here?

Luis: Questions, questions. I suppose that is what lawyers are for. Yes, I will speak with your quack. Under one condition.

Angela: You still don't get it! This is not a game.

Luis: Oh, but it is a game. All of this. Just one big game. Just ask the Quack, Pedro, was that his name? Pedro the Quack. This is, we are, simply something to have fun with, something to make you laugh. Life, life is just a game. The more you enjoy it the more you do it, the more you do it the better your score. Are you ready for my condition? (Angela nods) You will be here. That's all. You will sit right here next to me while I talk to that man. Do we have a deal?

Angela: Deal. Now will you answer my question?

Luis: Question? Two plus two is four.

Angela: Why are you in jail.

Luis: Because, as your psychiatrist will inform you, I am insane. Nutty as a fruitcake. Nothing more, nothing less.

Angela: What happened?

Luis: You'll know. Soon enough, you'll know. Will you still love me?

Angela: Love has nothing to do with it. Listen, you are my client. (Pause) Nothing more, nothing less. (stands)

Luis: Good girl. You're learning. When will I see you again?

Angela: With the psychiatrist. Soon. Good day Mr. Vi. (exits)

Luis: Wrong again, my lovely friend, wrong again.

Black Out. The Boy's choir is heard again. This time with no distortion and so quiet the audience will almost have to strain to hear it.


Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

That was incredible.

Michelle said...

Kelly, thanks!

This has been in my closet for almost 8 years, about the amount of time I believe a writer needs to be able to look at a piece of work objectively. So, I take it out, dust it off & POSSIBLY FINISH THE THING!

There are several more scenes, that I will publish later, if there is an interest!

Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

Oh PLEASE! This sucked me in...there has to be more.

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