Monday, January 28, 2008

Notes to the Teacher....

Below was a bit of "extra work" that I assigned to the Eldest this weekend!

Dear Mr. Algebra Teacher

I apologize for texting during class, it was rude and disrespectful, I now realize how stupid it was to text in the front row. I will not do it again. You had to take time out of your class to get onto me, and that should have not happened.

I accept any and all punishments that i get. I should have been paying attention to the class rather than texting and not paying attention. I promise not to text during your class time again, and I once again apolagize for taking time out of your class.

The Eldest

My own personal addition to the note.

Mr. Algebra Teacher,

Please send me an email, to confirm receipt of this letter.



Mother of Eldest

Yep, made him take it to class today. His father even took his phone away for a week. Someday they will understand that WHATEVER they do between the two of us, the parents, we have done it, more than once. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, little education, and low paying job to show for it!

I have amazing children, they never fail to amuse me!

1 comment:

MissE said...

They're allowed to have their phones in class?


He's lucky he wasn't in my class texting... for the wrath of the evil that is MissE would descend upon him!

Love the letter idea, by the way. It's nice to hear about parents who actually support the teachers and don't just pull the "not my little angel" card.

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