Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wisdom Path - Heart Sutra

Below I have listed some information about what the Wisdom Path is and suddenly realized that no amount of research, study or information could convey to you, all four of my perfect and amazing readers, the beauty, majesty and serenity felt and finally internalized/believed just being there.

The Wisdom Path is an outdoor display of the Heart Sutra carved on 38 tall, very tall, pieces of wood arranged in the shape of a figure eight - infinity. One of the wooden columns is left blank, without carvings, to represent the emptiness theme central to the Heart Sutra.

Here is my Favorite translation, thus far, perhaps due to my shortened attention span, yes - this does imply that at once in my life the attention span of Michelle was not soooo short - this translation/interpretation of the Heart Sutra was designed to make the study easier for college students by George Boeree, Ph.D.

"The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra, with "Verses Without A Stand" and Prose Commentary" here is a PDF link by Buddhist Text Translation Society.

So, once you feel you have done enough research on the topic - try to imagine, or remember, peace. Interior and exterior peace, within and without. This is what I felt and now............crave.

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