Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Out of the closet for me!

Look, I have tried to be open minded, I have tried to be tolerant of others, their beliefs & values, I have tried to look at things from the perspective of the writer or sender, I have tried to show that I am an accepting human being!

The honeymoon is over baby, the time of romance has ended...yes, it is time for me to open up and really tell you how I feel. Yes, we have had a nice run of encounters and, at times, heavy petting. But the blog world has opened up an amazing opportunity for me and I intend to expand that opening with every power at my availability.

Really, even if I don't post all of the "post ideas" that have run through my little pea brain, what little time I have made for writing has expanded my imagination in ways that I have not experienced since college....THANK YOU!

In the past two days I have received 4 different propaganda emails that have made my blood boil, I might note that none of these emails were sent by bloggers that I know, just some incredibly ___________ people. Each one of these emails had the nerve to tell me that I was unAmerican because of my beliefs.

Religion, God and the catalyst for this post:
This country was founded on, among other things, religious freedom, that is the bottom line people. Just because most of our founding fathers were Christian does not, by any stretch of the imagination, negate the other religions who saw/see our lands as a place where they can live harmoniously and worship without fear of prosecution. This is just one of the things that makes this country so amazing! Please don't take that away because of a fear of those different than the norm. Please, please, please.


Respect and consideration do not equal compromise!

We have a wonderful country in which to live. We have freedom beyond the imaginations of some people living in different parts of the world. We have so much going for us in the United States of America. What would happen if we placed our fear in a bottle for a little while? Just placed it in there, close at hand to retrieve in case of emergency, but away. Could we look at our fellow human beings with a little more compassion? Could we try to see the world through their eyes for just a little while? Could we try to be more accepting of things and people who are a bit different for ourselves? Could we possibly learn something from these different worlds?

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