Friday, November 2, 2007

Some Research

Looking into Hong Kong....really kind of a perfect place for me to visit. I enjoy learning about the eastern culture, I love the "Chinese" food served in these here parts. Dying to see a Buddha, a huge one at that...

A few years ago (and yes the term "few years" expands with my age) it was a British Colony, therefore you would be able to actually communicate with some of the locals, catch a cab, make a reservation, use mass transit, order at a restaurant, almost anything without accessing the pantomime skills best left unused.

So, anyone with any knowledge....please share.

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Elisson said...

I've been to Hong Kong several times, though not recently.

British Crown Colony or not, you never would be advised to just get into a cab without directions written in Chinese. Most cabbies didn't understand a word of English. It's probably not much different now, although the economic growth there argues for more widely spoken English, not less.

Excellent food and accommodations are easily available. Real Chinese food, too. Most regional variations are well-represented, though of course the Cantonese style (local) prevails.

Public transportation used to be extremely inexpensive in HK. Probably still is.

If you want to see Buddhas and other evidence of Eastern religions, go to Taiwan instead.

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