Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Vacation Time

Just in case I do not have a chance to post tomorrow, I thought that I would drop a line to all four of my readers...

Just last week, after enjoying a wonderful take out from one of my favorite local restaurants, I found the following words of wisdom wrapped in cookie:

"Travel to the east will bring many rewards."

Far be it from me to turn down an offer such as this...

I depart for Hong Kong on Thursday morning and will not be back in town until the 9th of December. I may give Holder the keys to post pictures and possibly some travel advise, so stop in from time to time, either here or at Holder's pad for an update.

Do not fear, I will have plenty to write about upon my return.

Now I must get back to my laundry, packing and cookies.....Yes ol' brother of mine and the youngest demanded I bake them something before I leave as, to use their words, they will be "sacrificing so much" while I am gone. They tried to hold out for the key lime pie, alas..........that takes way too much time and I have a lot more research to do prior to departure. They will suffer through with the cookies and I will bake pies upon my return. So, if you are interested in pie and vacation pictures in a few weeks just drop on in.

1 comment:

Holder said...

Woot! PArty !

Have a great time, and send pictures of that donkey thing, okay?

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