Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I have done it, wish me luck!

So if I qualify for this little contest..........who wants to come to the party? Below is what I submitted:

Pieces of a poem long ago
Diva incantation even then?
Release her to glitter and glow,
Simply a matter of when:

Is this what must be done
To become the woman of dreams
Hold on tight or run -
Simple decision, so it seems.

I saw her today in the shadow of the mind,
Snuggled close against the cold,
Or was it just what I wanted to find
Another act of monologue of old?

Only...when there is no sound
Do I wonder? Where has she gone?
True smiles with laughter all around.
Love so clear in noise and confusion.


I know it was a little like cheating, using parts of a poem written years ago - I don't care! The point here is to try, to not try would have been a shame. Who cares the result, live in the moment, give it your best, all or nothing...

Perhaps I am channeling a bit of something else as well? We shall see!

Show in June 2007

Show in June 2007
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