Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cookies & Stuff

I find it simply amazing how much bonding can be done in one single evening when not at rehearsal or football practice!

The youngest had to get three shots yesterday at the Dr. Office, just before his game, said shots did not seem to bother the little guy too much at the game. (A game in which, by the way, my little one, and he is really little compared to most of the other kids out there, sacked the quarterback! Yep, he has been playing point these last couple of games, I make a point of mentioning this because Eric made me feel so bad when I could not remember a couple of weeks ago, I was not drunk, give me a break! Yes sir eeeee Bob, the little one made it to the quarterback twice in his limited play and actually got that giant down the second time, broke right in between two monster boys to do it as well.) NOTE TO SELF: This post is supposed to be about cookies.

After shots, a bumped knee (acquired while partying last weekend) and whatever else, the youngest did not feel up to football practice tonight. The doctor said he might feel a bit rough for the next couple of days, so we all stayed home. It was wonderful. First of all because I put my foot down and refused to let the little one leave the house for friends this evening. After all if he did not feel good enough for football he would not be allowed to just goof off either!

So, we just hung out at our little home. I did some crocheting while Ole brother of mine cooked dinner, something he is much better at than I am, little one did his homework, and we chatted. Nothing special, no ephphanies were exposed or realized, just the three of us hanging out, a bit of light banter, nice.

With as busy as life gets sometimes this was heaven.

I am one heck of a good cook, Ole brother of mine is more of a chef. Ever since the first time he prepared spagetti I have been deligated to desert and side dishes in this house. He made dinner and the youngest and I made desert. Yep, cookies, way more cookies than we could ever eat. I took some pictures, but to no avail, something is really wrong with the camera. Sufice it to say that we will be nibbling on these guys well into the weekend when the invasion of the older siblings occurs.

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