Sunday, October 21, 2007

For Kelly - Gumbo

I spent six wonderful months living in Luisianna when I was a, well, it was a long time ago. Your soup suggestions got me drifting back to those wonderful days.

I have spent some time thinking about Gumbo...and found these recipes. Next weekend we will try one and let you know the results!


Catfish said...

My bike broke down in Slidell La once and I had to spend the night till parts came in. I was downtown and no where to go but bars and places to eat. I ate about four different types of gumbo and all of it was very good. Okra was used a lot in two of the places that I ate, one was real loose, runnery and the last place I ate it was thick, almost had to cut it. It was all good and I loved the sauage and the seafood better than the chicken ones. I cook it at home and everyone likes it. I cook it two different ways. Enjoy.

Elisson said...

I wrote about gumbo once upon a time...nothing finer on a cool autumn evening.

Hey! Maybe that's what we should make for the next Helen 'meet!

Michelle said...

Yes, it was Kelly's suggestion that we have Gumbo next time!

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