Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Working late - This place is haunted!

So, here I am late at work. When you work for the most wonderful people staying late is not too difficult. Problem is..........THIS PLACE IS HAUNTED! I have heard of others complain about noises and such, one attorney, no longer with the firm, actually said that one night he saw a man in a suit.

The building dates back to 1897, I think.

I heard noises, went down stairs, looked in all the offices. Hell no I didn't check the basement! I am alone in the building, no other cars in the parking lot.........

OK, so I am going to get my work done and leave, getting dark. If you never hear from me again . . . Send Joan to investigate!


Joan of Argghh! said...

I'll be right over, with Ghost Meter in tow!

Where I work was built in 1887, had a suspicious fire in which two socialites were killed, and has a very rich past as a celebrity hotel. All sorts of fun things in there!

Michelle said...

I made it, this time!

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