Monday, October 22, 2007

Theatrical Choices

After only recently finishing work on the wonderful little production of "Anybody for Murder" at the end of September I find myself in an all to familiar predicament. What to do next? Normally this is not a difficult choice, the theatre company I am currently serving on the board of directors rarely picks so many wonderful plays in a single season.

My favorite so far was "Picasso at the Lapin Agile", by Steve Martin. I had the great honor of being selected as director of this show a couple of years ago.........

We had a nice little Power Point presentation of quotes from Einstein, Picasso, Steve Martin, Elvis, and a few others.....

We had a Falcon's Cheerleader taking her shirt off:

A very talented young actress and I wish her only the best with her career in the film world.

The local artist guild decorated the stage for us, and we actually sold there work too!

We even said the "F" word on stage, it was in the script & I fought to keep it.

What a pleasure to work on a show that was risky, intelligent and funny!

It was a real wonder they ever asked me back.

OK, the point of this post is WHAT TO DO NEXT:

Black Comedy, by Peter Shaffer

Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller

I'm Not Rapport, by Herb Garner

I would like nothing better than to direct all three, alas, there will be other people who want that honor...I could act in one or two, I am a much better director than I am an actor.

Just more things to ponder.


MissE said...

That is an awesome looking set.

I love live theatre. One of the best things to come out of my teaching job has been the times I got to be c-director on school productions. I loved it. My personal fave is still "The Outsiders" - which I think would give the Coppola film a run for its money.

I"m more than a little envious!

Michelle said...

Miss E, I learned a long time ago that Theatre makes me happy. In this world of three kids, voices in my head, too many bills, not enough money, demanding relatives and stress filled jobs - I have to do something that is just for me. Sometimes it helps!

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Show in June 2007
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