Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Someone Suggested this to me - Diva for the Day!

If you click here you can find out all about a contest that I am considering entering. I could win a $10,000.00 jewelry (I did loose an earing in Helen that needs replacing) give certificate! The initial entry is an essay of 100 words or less describing why I should be DIVA FOR A DAY. My thought was that I could use quotes from people who have met me. Like this:

Ellison Said: Michelle, who is involved in the Performing Arts as both an actress and director,
And if you want someone to party with who can, incidentally, schlep a cripple up a flight of stairs, well, you’d do good to select ’er.

Erica Said: had I done so, I woulda been the sad inebriate to have fallen on my butt and gotten soaked, and not that poor sweet soul, Michelle.

Catfish had the following comment: a very nice looking lady…she was very pretty, wish I was 20 years younger. I would have tried for some of that.

Richard had this to contribute: Michelle needed to continue the party so they joined our neighbors in the cabin next door.

Who could forget the impression I made on Denny: Four strong men carried me up the steps, chair and all.

That alone gets me to 138 words........whatever will I do?

Joking aside, I think that I may enter into this greediest of contests. Anyone care to join me?


Joan of Argghh! said...

Michelle, like a quiet understudy, is confident that one day, others will find out how truly wonderful she is.

Lucky us, we already know it!

Michelle said...

100 words it, it is killing me.

You words of encouragement - simply grand.

Richard said...

Elisson is the king of 100 word stories. Talk to him...

Michelle said...

Too much of a wimp! Hello Elison, remember me? Hey, could you whip me up 100 words so that I can win $10,000.00 in jewelry? No, now if he were to volunteer, that is another story!

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