Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Family "Night Out"

Or as my brother put it "Cougars Night Out" was a blast. It was only the girls of the family and we went to a local restaurant for drinks and appetizers. Now, this is not my real family, just the one that I have currently adopted. We are not related, actually do not know each other very well at all, we have just done enough Theatre together to know that we like hanging out. Last night was slightly designed to help us through the withdrawal of having just finished a show together. Although, I hope, and I hope I am not alone in hoping this, that the second Tuesday of each month will become "Cougars Night Out".

I have, personally, never met a group of women with whom I could get drunk and silly with until now. Not that I was drunk, that would have taken more than the three amaretto sours, but we all got tipsy and, well, and I do hate to admit this, not my usual behavior, I giggled. So, Ladies, THANKS.

UPDATE: I have just discovered what the term "Cougar" refers to! Thanks oh brother of mine!

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Show in June 2007
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